Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Misc Updates

Got back from Europe middle of last week and played catch up during the end of the week.  Lots of work to do and I feel like now I'm basically in good shape with where my stuff is.  When Fedora 10 is released, I may actually like it.  The last release of Fedora that I really thought was solid was Fedora Core 6.  After that, we [the project] hit the gas on development and it's been rapid progress and less testing.  But that's just my opinion.  The releases are good, in general, but when I compare Fedora Core 6 to what we currently have, I just get the feeling that we've traded stability for rapid development.

Over the weekend, Karen and I took our current visitor (Gen, which is short for a name I can't spell, but it's pronounced 'Jen') to Maui by way of the Hawaii Superferry.  I enjoy transportation, especially boats and trains.  I don't know why trains are fascinating to me.  Boats are equally fascinating.  We took the car this time, so I got to experience the process of taking your car on the Superferry.  The quick verdict:  it's definitely much nicer and a much easier experience when you take your car than being a walk-on passenger.

We drove the Hana Highway.  It was a nice drive, but very stressful since it was my first time driving it.  It's single lane in some places.  Lots of tourists as well as locals, who drive way faster than anyone else.  We came up on a single lane portion of the highway and it was about to take a 90 degree turn to the right and a huge garbage truck rounded the corner.  Yeah, that was a close call.  We ate in Hana, then headed to Lahaina for the rest of the day.  Stayed in Kihei the night before.

People complain about Oahu, but I like the roads here more than Maui.  And the roads here are nothing to rave about.  I posted pictures of the trip on my Flickr page.

I saw a strange commercial on TV earlier.  It's for a MVNO, or mobile virtual network operator (which is telephone nonsense speak for a company that masquerades as a phone company, but doesn't actually own network equipment, they just use other companies...sort of like natural gas suppliers in Georgia), called Jitterbug.  They promote it as cell phones for old people.  Even the title of the main page says Senior Cell Phones.  Hilarious.  I only wish they offered rotary cell phones.

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david said...

Old people cellphones would be great. Big backlit buttons, no worrying about trying to text message while driving... I can live without hearing a dial tone ever again, but having a smallish phone that's just a phone would be awesome.

Deregulated phone nonsense sounds pretty nasty, though. My phone bill may not make sense anymore, but at least I don't have to think about long distance charges.

In conclusion, everything is horrible.