Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My office was getting out of hand. Stacks of things all over. Piles that served as organization methods, but it started to become a walking hazard (as in, walking around the room was a hazard, not the items in the room started walking around).

This past weekend, I went to City Mill and purchased shelving parts for all of my work equipment.That was the first goal. Get everything off the floor and organized in to a cart. The cart is about 86 cm tall and sits on large casters. There are three shelves, which are 46x46 cm each. This is wide enough to hold two mini tower computers side by side and still have room to put all of the supplementary parts (power strips, KVM switch, Ethernet switch, and so on). The top shelf is currently just used for storage, but that's way better than the floor.

As I was putting it together, Karen and I noticed it sort of looked like the beginnings of a robot. I started calling it WorkBot. The really nice thing about WorkBot is that I can roll it out and turn it around to change cables. Everything is tied down with over 125 zipties. Only the wires I need coming off of it are free (e.g., power strip hookup). My Flickr page has more pictures of WorkBot.

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