Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Vacation is awesome.  I wake up and have to do nothing for the day.  Today I got up and had breakfast while watching the news.  Then I read email (but didn't write any replies).  Then I took a shower.  After that the phone rang.  It was my parents telling me their current flight status.  I went for a walk.  Came back home and had some lunch.  Then I took a nap.  Then I got up and went for another walk.  Now I'm back at home writing a blog post.  It's really very nice.

I have taken 10 days of vacation because my parents are arriving tonight.  When they have visited me in the past, I only ever took a few days of time off and that was always annoying to coordinate when to do things.  I figure if they are taking vacation, I might as well do the same.  And it comes at a great time too since I just got back from the Red Hat Summit, FUDCon, and 1+ week of doom meetings in Boston.

I didn't really take any pictures while in Boston because I was working almost all the time.  More pictures in the coming days.  Maybe even video.

Time to burn a fresh copy of the Hawaii Five-O theme so I can play that in the car driving the parents back from the airport.

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