Monday, June 9, 2008

Response to new iPhone

Media outlets from all over the world have been seeking my opinion on the new iPhone that was announced at today's WWDC in San Francisco.  I shall wait no longer and give you my take on it.

I think everyone should throw away their current iPhones and go buy these.  I know nothing about them except that (a) they are now available and (b) they are from Apple.  So, knowing nothing else, I highly recommend you dump your current gadget and buy the new one.  Immediately.  And buy several.  Disassemble one or two of them and post photos showing the innards.  Send one to some guy in Asia so he can make an unlocking or locking program or something so we can buy the iPhone and use it with Boost Mobility and feel like we're sticking it to AT&T.

In all seriousness, no one is wanting my opinion and I am currently waiting for my devel box to finish installing rawhide, so I thought I'd say something about the iPhone.  The new one comes with everything that everyone was assuming, I guess.  Three copies of the letter G, a built in GPS for better mapwork, the ability to buy apps from the AppStore, more storage, less weight, less cost.  All cool features.  Things I saw that look bad:
  • New iPhone costs too much for existing customers to upgrade to because...
  • New iPhone requires an entirely new AT&T contract, not just a renewal of your existing AT&T leash and...
  • New iPhone raises the data plan cost to 30USD per month instead of the 20USD per month all current customers pay.
If you want my professional and non-professional opinion of the new iPhone, feel free to send me one and I will gladly take a look at it and give you your options.  I can review several iPhones at once too.

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