Sunday, June 22, 2008

Red Hat Summit and FUDCon 10

It was a busy week. Up really early, all day at conferences, then out late with people. It was fun, but exhausting. What occurred?

On the Monday and Tuesday before the conference started, I was in the Westford office. Among other things, I met with two IBM System z guys from Stuttgart. We had a lot of discussions about how to work out installation issues on the System z platform.

On Wednesday, I headed to the Red Hat Summit at the Hynes Convention Center. Busy day. Talked with a lot of people and hacked on some projects. Thursday was the day I gave my talk. It went really well. Room was packed and no one got up to leave, which to me meant it was actually interesting to the people there. I had a lot of people who wanted to talk after the presentation. Friday I spent most of the day hacking on NetworkManager code again.

Every day at the Summit at 4:00 PM, they had free beer. That was fun.

Parties each night after the Summit. The first night was at Fenway Park. The entire facility was rented out, food catered, open bar, band, etc. It was fun. They tried to organize a pub crawl after the Fenway party, but a group of us wandered off the path and ended up bowling at midnight near the convention center.

Final day of FUDCon 10 was yesterday at Boston University followed by free food and drinks at the BU Pub. Mostly just hacked on code all day at FUDCon. All in all, a busy week.

Tomorrow starts the week long anaconda team meeting. We are planning to plan and other such things. Early each day, which will be challenging. This trip is turning out to be incredibly exhausting. More details later.

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