Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heading to the Mainland

It's currently 2:30 PM on Wednesday and I am in the process of getting everything ready for my trip to the mainland. The first part of this trip is to attend a wedding of two of Karen's friends. After that, Karen comes back home and I head on to Boston where I will stay until the end of June. The first week is the Red Hat Summit and FUDCon. I finally finished up my presentation for the Summit and I'm looking forward to that.

We just got back from running errands. Went to the drug store and picked up medication refills, OTC drugs, and other stuff for the trip. Needed a few random things for the trip too, so went over to Wal-Mart for that. Back at home now.

Completely unrelated, but very annoying, I was told yesterday by my company that I have to get new health insurance because our current PPO plan offered to US employees is not valid in Hawaii. They are researching alternatives for me. Unfortunately, this notice comes at a bad time because I am traveling until the end of June and the end of June is when I have to have new insurance in place. Hopefully I can get it all sorted out by the end of the month.

Flying United this time because it was the cheapest. $25 to check an extra bag. Fun.

OK, time to finish packing.

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