Monday, June 9, 2008

Hawai'i is a State

The 50th, even.  It surprises me that people find this difficult.  I mean, if you grew up in the US, you were taught US geography and that usually meant learning all 50 states and capitals.  In fact, they usually let you slide and not know where they all are (Sadly, some people think Hawai'i is in the Gulf of Mexico due to it's placement on maps in school books.  I wonder where they think Alaska is.).

I spoke to someone today who asked when I'd be "back in the states."  Back in the states?  I am in the states.  "Well, you know what I mean....the main states."  What?

I was told that Hawai'i residents take offense to statements like this from tourists.  I must say that it's starting to annoy me to purely because it shows how STUPID Americans are when it comes to geography.  Know your damn states!

Here's an example of conversations you hear a lot in Honolulu.  Yes, people ask if we take American money.  I've heard it several times.  I'm sure car rental places are asked what side of the road we drive on.


Camille said...

Would you approve if someone asked when you'd be "back in the continental 48?"

dcantrell said...

Either that, but it's easier to say 'mainland'.

Dave C said...

Here at work we say "CONUS" for Continental United States.