Friday, May 23, 2008

Hawaii Totally Beats New England When It Comes To BBQ

Chris and I periodically noted the lack of BBQ restaurants in New England.  There were a few here and there, but nothing like what you'd find in the South.  Having both attended Georgia Tech, we were surrounded by a huge variety of food options, most notably BBQ.  In New England, the only ones I'd consider worthy of visiting are Red Bones in Somerville, MA and the Yankee Smokehouse in West Ossipee, NH.

Having moved to Hawaii, I've come to the conclusion that I had to leave a lot of my beloved foods behind.  No Chick-Fil-A here, no BBQ (except Kalua pork), no fried chicken (KFC does not count), no good Mexican restaurants that I like, no Wendy's, and the list goes on.  But there are plenty of other things.  You sort of have to adapt to the new food style here.

Yesterday changed the playing field entirely.  Not only did I find that it's possible to get sweet tea in Honolulu, but you can also get a damn good pulled pork sandwich (cooked _correctly_ too).  Think pulled pork is an abomination?  Well, there's BBQ beef as well (weirdos) and BBQ chicken (yum).  Want to fight over which sauce is correct?  They have Memphis style, Texas style, Savannah style, Hawaiian style, Kansas City style, and even the absolutely horrible North Carolina style.  Sweet tea is served in huge liter+ size glasses.  Be sure to enjoy your pulled pork sandwich with a side of baked beans or fried okra OR BOTH!  Really, they did right at this place.

So to all my friends who have thought about or are planning to visit and are scared of the food, don't worry.  We can go to the Dixie Grill over by Pearl Harbor and have pulled pork sandwiches every day.

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Camille said...

what about bbq snausage?