Friday, May 23, 2008

The Blog

I took down my old blog a while ago after getting irritated with the constant spam comment posts and php vulnerabilities.  However, every once in a while I found myself with the desire to add to the rest of the mostly useless content on the Internet.  So it's back to the blog.  New engine, new URL, new title.  No old posts imported.

About the title... I know it's invalid C, so you don't have to bother pointing that out.  It's geeky along the lines of /dev/blog or /dev/rant or something.

The weather is warming up in Honolulu more so than it has been.  We are really starting to show the effects of not having air conditioning.  Vog has been really bad lately, but it rained today and sort of rinsed everything.  Still, it's a really fun place to live and I want everyone to come and visit soon.

Karen and I have had a lot of visitors lately.  We've been doing a lot of things that we haven't done before, such as visiting the Dole Pineapple Plantation.  We also attempted swimming at Sunset Beach, which was incredibly difficult, but fun.

In work world, we released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 and I feel a huge relief of not having to worry about all that stuff now.  Of course 5.3 is next, but hopefully less for me.  I am concentrating on network code in Fedora right now, which is a lot of fun.

I am also getting ready for the Red Hat Summit 2008 in Boston in June.  I'm giving a talk about best practices/tips deploying RHEL in large scale enterprise environments.  The event is also paired with Fudcon, the Fedora conference that occurs every so often in various places.  I'll be hanging around Boston for an extra week to work in the office, then it's back to Honolulu on June 30.

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